3 former $100 million players the Golden State Warriors can target in free agency

Philadelphia 76ers v Charlotte Hornets
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3. Kyle Lowry

Should the Warriors move on from Chris Paul as expected in the coming weeks, the franchise will all of a sudden be in the market for a backup point guard to cover the often precarious non-Stephen Curry minutes.

What better way to replace Paul than with another veteran point guard, one in Kyle Lowry who's proven he can still play big minutes in a playoff rotation. The six-time All-Star is far removed from his late 2010's best, but he's still capable of being a floor general and capable three-point shooter with enormous playoff experience.

Unlike Harris and Hayward, Lowry is now accustomed to accepting a minimum-level deal, albeit his one-year, $2.8 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers came after his contract was bought out by the Charlotte Hornets. He previously had a three-year, $100 million deal with the Toronto Raptors that ended in 2019.

At 38-years-old, it's difficult to envisage Lowry getting more than the minimum this offseason. He averaged 8.1 and 4.2 assists this season, his lowest numbers since 2008-09. The 2019 champion did average 28.2 minutes per game largely in a starting role, playing time he wouldn't necessarily get with Golden State.

So what's the attraction of the Warriors if you're Lowry, rather than just re-signing with the 76ers or heading to another team more in championship contention? Golden State's interest may not be reciprocated, but it would certainly be worth a call if Paul does depart.