3 Free Agent guards Warriors should monitor if they waive Chris Paul

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament
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Among a host of decisions to be made this offseason, the Golden State Warriors will have to determine what they want to do with veteran point-guard Chris Paul after his first season in the Bay.

Paul played well for the Warriors following his arrival in the offseason, having accepted a sixth man role where he averaged 9.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 6.8 assists while shooting a healthy 37.1% from three-point range.

The Golden State Warriors will need to find a new backup point-guard should the franchise choose to move on from Chris Paul

As good as the 12-time All-Star was for Golden State, paying a reserve over $30 million still isn't worth the price, particularly for a team who failed to make the postseason. Paul has a non-guaranteed $30 million contract for next season, with a high likelihood that the Warriors will waive the 38-year-old as they seek to get under the second-tax apron.

Golden State could always bring Paul back at a lower number, but that opens them up to the mercy of free agency where a number of rivals would assuredly circle. Would the Warriors really be able to attract Paul back when a number of other teams may be closer to championship contention?

If the franchise don't or can't bring Paul back, they'll need to look at alternative options to play backup to Stephen Curry. At the very least 'CP3' provided them an insurance they're unlikely to acquire in free agency with limited financial flexibility.

The Warriors may be best suited to finding a backup point-guard via trade, which they could do with part or all of Paul's contract if needed. They'll also have Brandin Podziemski ready to take on more ball-handling responsibilities in Year two, though leaving him as the sole point-guard off the bench may be a risky proposition.

If Golden State do need to turn their heads to free agency to find a replacement for Paul, let's have a look at three veteran options who could be worth monitoring: