3 Golden State Warriors who are expendable, and 3 they can't afford to trade

Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The Golden State Warriors are not having the start to the season that they hoped for. A 9-11 record is hardly the stuff of title contenders, and a dispiriting come-from-ahead loss to the Sacramento Kings to seal their In-Season Tournament fates was the rotten cherry on top of a moldy cake.

Part of the solution will be internal, changing rotations and attitudes and simply hitting some shots, but the Warriors are just the sort of aggressive front office to look at every option, including making a trade or two in order to mix things up and give Stephen Curry the support he needs to chase another title.

Who would the Warriors include in a trade?

A handful of injuries and suspensions up and down the roster has given nearly every player on the roster playing time, and that playing time gives Mike Dunleavy Jr. and his team in the front office information to use in evaluating the team. Any trade will involve sending out players as well as bringing some in, and it's not always as clear-cut as it was last year when getting rid of James Wiseman was the ultimate cutting loose of an "expendable" player in order to chase postseason success.

Which players on the team could find themselves part of a trade? Who do the Warriors absolutely need to keep? Given their play thus far this season, let's look at six players who are either expendable or invaluable, skipping over the obvious (Curry is invaluable, Gui Santos is expendable). We start with one of the team's newest additions.