Ranking 3 Golden State Warriors trade targets from no brainer to potential disaster

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls
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With the NBA trade deadline just a couple of days away, speculation continues to heat up around the league. For a team like the Golden State Warriors, the period forecasts as an important one for the short and long-term future.

The Warriors have to navigate their ambition of trying to elevate into the playoff picture in the Western Conference, while also being mindful of their cap situation amid the introduction of the NBA's second-tax apron.

There's a number of players the Golden State Warriors could target before the deadline, with each come with varying levels of risk factor

Just a few weeks ago it appeared as if Golden State were ready to make a significant move, yet that now appears unlikely given the lack of big-name players available and the improvement in a new-found starting lineup.

The Athletic's Shams Charania described the Warriors' situation as a wait-and-see on Monday, with teams still potentially holding interest in Andrew Wiggins and Chris Paul among others.

"It's a lot still wait and see. If a team comes out and gives a crazy offer for one of their guys, I think they have to look at it. But as of right now, they just don’t really have anything on the table that moves the needle."

Shams Charania

If Golden State do make a move, it's likely to be towards the lower portion of the rotation rather than for a starting-calibre player. There's still various risk factors associated with that, largely with what future assets the franchise needs to give up and the contractual situation of the incoming player.

Fans will be left frustrated if the team stands pat -- there's a general consensus that the Warriors need to something, even if it's not as notable as previously hypothesized. Golden State remains stuck at 12th in the Western Conference with a 22-25 record.

Let's rank three Warrior trade targets from a no-brainer to potential disaster for the franchise: