Ranking 3 Golden State Warriors trade targets from no brainer to potential disaster

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls
Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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No Brainer: Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso has always been an intriguing thought for not only the Warriors, but a number of veteran contending teams who want to add a do-it-all guard capable of fitting almost any NBA system.

According to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, the Warriors kicked the tyres on Caruso in recent days as the Chicago Bulls struggle themselves at a 23-27 record and ninth-place in the Eastern Conference.

"League sources indicated that even before [Zach] LaVine’s surgery news had broken, multiple teams, including the Golden State Warriors, had inquired on Caruso."

Although the Bulls reportedly remain unwilling to part with Caruso, he would nonetheless be a no-brainer move for Golden State. Sure, it might take an overpay to get him, but they'd almost certainly be getting a winning player that would instantly increase their playoff credentials.

The 29-year-old has averaged 10 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.8 assists this season, shooting 40.5% from three-point range while providing elite perimeter on the other end. Caruso makes just $9.5 million this season a partially-guaranteed $9.9 million next season, proving one of the most team-friendly deals in the league.

While there may be some overlap with Gary Payton II given the pair's defensive capacity, the 31-year-old's health over the last two seasons has begun to become a major question mark. Regardless, Caruso would be a major upgrade and a 'no-brainer' deal for the Warriors so long as the price is close enough to reasonable.