3 players the Warriors could have drafted over Moses Moody in 2021

Charlotte Hornets v Golden State Warriors
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2. Trey Murphy III

Taken one pick after Sengun at 17th overall, Trey Murphy III has flourished with the New Orleans Pelicans to the point where he's in line to earn what could be in excess of a $100 million contract this offseason.

Murphy's presence has also led to a wide-held belief that the Pelicans will look to trade former All-Star Brandon Ingram this summer, in turn providing the 23-year-old with the opportunity to be the franchise's starting small-forward going forward. Coincidentally, the Warriors could well be one of the teams most interested in adding Ingram over the coming months.

Through their first three years to date, Murphy has proven to be an upgraded version of Moody. They're both wings who can shoot, though Murphy is a couple inches taller and shoots 39.2% from three-point range on 8.1 attempts per 36 minutes, compared to Moody's 36% on 6.2 per 36. Murphy's also more vertically athletic, allowing him to rise at the rim in ways that Moody usually can't.

Again, much of this could be put down to opportunity. If their draft positions had been flipped, perhaps we're talking about Moody as an $80-100 million player and Murphy as someone who's been suppressed by a lack of playing time.

At the same time, it would be nice to have a player like Murphy on the Warriors right now. Someone who could offer another significant shooting threat beside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, or even as an insurance measure should the latter depart in free agency this offseason. He would also make the Warriors more comfortable in trading Andrew Wiggins, just as the Pelicans are with trading Ingram right now.

Moody may have more defensive upside and could eventually become a highly valuable wing player himself, yet there's no doubt that Golden State would far prefer Murphy on their roster right now.