3 Post-Draft Lottery Questions That Could Impact Golden State Warriors' Future

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks
Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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The NBA Draft Lottery took place on Sunday in Chicago, with the Golden State Warriors officially giving up their first-round selection, 14th overall, to the Portland Trail Blazers.

While others teams found themselves incredibly fortunate, the Warriors' were unable to move up from their pre-lottery position having entered with a 96.6% chance of the 14th pick. They would have kept the pick had it jumped up into the top four.

Despite giving up their first-round pick, the Golden State Warriors are still set to be impacted by Sunday's draft lottery results

Golden State may not have been able to rise the 10 spots required, but the Atlanta Hawks did in sensationally landing the first overall pick despite entering with just the 10th best odds after a season in which they finished adjacent to the Warriors in the Eastern Conference.

The Detroit Pistons were undoubtedly the biggest loser on Sunday, dropping four spots to hold the fifth overall pick after concluding the season with a league-worst 14-68 record.

The Warriors will be without a first-round pick for the first time since 2017, unless they were to trade into a selection which seems unlikely given the generally weak nature of the draft and the franchise's aspiration to return to the playoffs rather than rebuild.

That doesn't mean that Golden State won't be impacted by Sunday's results, with a number of storylines emanating that are sure to reverberate around the league. Let's have a look at three key question posed for rival teams in the aftermath of the lottery, each of which could significantly effect the way in which the franchise goes about their offseason.