3 Takeaways from the Golden State Warriors' blowout victory over Memphis Grizzles

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors
Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors looked to get back on track after a disappointing home loss to New York Knicks on Monday night. Taking on a depleted Memphis Grizzles team, the Warriors could not afford to lose this one with the Houston Rockets suddenly on their heels for the 10th seed in the West.

Thanks to a dominant third-quarter, the hosts pulled away from Memphis to claim a win 137-116 victory and move to a 36-32 record on the season.

A strong offense powered the Golden State Warriors to a 21-point win over the Memphis Grizzlies, but there was still some cause for concern

The win was driven by a strong, team-orientated offensive display, with the Warriors shooting 58% from the floor and 48.7% from three-point range despite Stephen Curry being limited to just 14 points. Here are three key takeaways from the contest:

1. 22-0 Run

This game was won thanks to an explosive run late in the first-half and into the third-quarter. A 22-0 run seemed to deflate the once-confident Grizzles. At one point Santi Aldama had it rolling and the game was tied, but Golden State took control thanks to what extended as a 33-6 run.

It felt like vintage third-quarter Warriors, getting out in transition and knocking down shots. Not to mention, thanks to the run, the Warriors were able to enjoy the big lead and avoid another clutch time game. Too often we've seen Golden State leads evaporate this season, so this was a nice change to see them hold a comfortable lead over the entire second-half.

2. Three-Point Defense

One thing Steve Kerr and the coaching staff will not appreciate was the Warriors' three-point defense in this game. If you're watching Golden State thinking to yourself that the opposing team is shooting lights out, you're not alone. Too often it feels like the Warriors over help and are subsequently scrambling and out of place on rotations, leaving the three-point line open.

Memphis, who came into the night one of the worst three-point shooting teams in all of the NBA, started the first-quarter hot from behind the arc. Aldama had six of them in the first-half alone on his way to 21 points. Kerr showed some frustration after Kuminga gave up the sixth, calling timeout immediately. The rest of the night saw a much better effort from the Dubs, with the Grizzlies finishing 18of-49 from beyond the arc.. However, it's still a concerning aspect to watch over the remainder of the season.

Strong Offensive Night

It would be wrong not to mention how well the Warriors looked on offense tonight. They took advantage of a weak Memphis defense, with Jonathan Kuminga and Andrew Wiggins particularly fantastic. Chris Paul dished out 14 assists, Klay Thompson looked good on his way to 23 points, and Trayce Jackson Davis was dominant in rolling to the rim. Heck, Curry only had to take nine shots in his 24 minutes. Overall, the Warriors scored 137 points, hit 19 threes, had 43 assists, saw seven guys in double figures, and recorded just seven total turnovers. A near-perfect night offensively.