3 Teams Warriors shouldn't want to see in Play-In Tournament

The Warriors will not want to draw a matchup with any of these teams in the Play-In.
Klay Thompson, Luka  Doncic
Klay Thompson, Luka Doncic / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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2. Dallas Mavericks

Last season, the Mavericks made a major upgrade mid-season when they traded for Kyrie Irving to put alongside Luka Doncic in the backcourt. Suffering from the loss of Jalen Brunson in the 2022 offseason, Dallas was in major need of an upgrade to avoid wasting time during Luka's prime.

The results from said trade were not immediate, but they have ultimately been significant. Struggling to put together wins at the end of last season, the Mavericks intentionally tanked out of the Play-In and opted to give themselves a chance at a number one draft pick instead. It was a risky move, considering Irving was on an expiring contract and could leave the team in the offseason.

But the Mavs ultimately convinced Kyrie to re-sign, and now they have a real chance at making another run in the playoffs this year. Irving has been a fantastic running mate for Luka, and the addition of rim-running rookie big Dereck Lively has elevated Dallas' level of play as well.

This is far from the Mavericks team Golden State picked apart in the 2022 Western Conference Finals. Dallas has leveled up and given themselves a higher ceiling with their current group, while the Warriors have clearly taken a few steps back since then. The Dubs would want no part of a Play-In game against this team.