3 Things the Golden State Warriors Must Do After the All-Star Break

Golden State Warriors v Indiana Pacers
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3. Work out what you're doing with Moses Moody

Moses Moody might be the biggest conundrum on this Warrior roster. He's too good to be getting DNP's and sparing minutes, yet not good enough to crack a deep roster with plenty of rotation questions.

The truth is that Golden State should have made a decision on Moody before the February 8 trade deadline -- they should have cut him free and moved the 21-year-old to a younger, more developing team where he could showcase his talents to the world.

Instead, we're back in the same position we've been in too many times before. There was brief optimism that Moody was ready for an explosion after back-to-back 21-point games in early January, only for him to suffer a calf strain in the fourth-quarter of that second outing.

Since return he had three games of at least 13 minutes, then received two DNP's and a pair of games with less than nine minutes of action. The last four games have coincided with the reintroduction of Gary Payton II from his own injury, with Kerr evidently preferring the defensive-minded guard over the third-year lottery pick.

Enough is enough...the franchise needs to work out whether Moody is part of the future or not. Perhaps give him 10 or so games with at least 15 minutes and see what happens, though where those minutes come from is a tougher task to answer. If you can't provide the opportunity, then just bench him and assure a trade in the offseason. Either way, the constant bumping in-and-out of the rotation isn't helping player or franchise.