3 Trade Deadline Targets for the Golden State Warriors (and what they'd cost)

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Kyle Kuzma

The Washington Wizards appear open to dealing Kyle Kuzma before the deadline, but having only just re-signed him in free agency last offseason, they aren't necessarily hellbent on moving the 2020 NBA champion.

That much is said in their reported asking price of two first-round picks for Kuzma, according to Stein. The 28-year-old is averaging a career-high 22 points and 4.4 assists per game, but how much of that emanates from the inflated opportunity he has in the Wizards' offense? Kuzma is shooting 45.7% from the floor and 33.3% from three-point range.

Would Kuzma become the secondary go-to scorer the Warriors need, or would he stunt the incredible recent growth of Kuminga? There's no doubting he's a talented player, and Golden State could do with his scoring ability, not to mention the fact his 6'9" size would help too.

What would it cost?

Andrew Wiggins, 2026 First-Round Pick and 2028 First-Round Pick

This seems like a significant overpay from a Warrior perspective, but it's what it's going to take if reports are to be believed. The other significant aspect to Kuzma's value is his descending contract, with the deal going to $23.5 million, $21.5 million and $19.4 million over the next three seasons.

Regardless, Golden State would be better advised holding onto Wiggins and hoping he can return to his previous best form where he was simply a better player than Kuzma outright. It's worth noting that Chris Paul is ineligible to be traded back to the Wizards until the offseason.