3 traded players the Golden State Warriors could regret missing out on

Golden State Warriors v Utah Jazz
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2. P.J. Washington

P.J. Washington was one of the most intriguing pieces moved on Thursday, with the 25-year-old traded by the Charlotte Hornets to the Dallas Mavericks for Grant Williams, Seth Curry and a 2027 first-round pick.

Washington's offensive talent is undeniable, having produced a scorching 43-point outing on January 27 that came behind 17-of-22 shooting and 7-of-9 from three-point range. Sure he can be a little streaky, but he'll undoubtedly provide more of a scoring punch that what Williams had in his brief tenure with the Mavericks.

Would Washington have got the necessary opportunity for the Warriors behind Jonathan Kuminga? Perhaps not, but if Kerr is going to be adamant on Green being a five rather than a four, Golden State could probably have done with more depth at the power-forward spot.

Washington is averaging 13.6 points and 5.3 rebounds this season, and at 6'7" the former 12th overall pick holds some small-ball center capacity that Kerr would have utilized. His $16.8 million contract would have been difficult to trade for, and would have likely cost Wiggins and the perimeter defense he provides.

Perhaps the bigger issue for Golden State is the fact Washington went to Dallas -- a team that's currently in the eighth-seed in the West and whom the Warriors would like to pass by season's end. That's the issues for many Warrior fans -- that they stood still while direct rivals made deals to try and improve.