3 Ways the Golden State Warriors are benefiting from Draymond Green's suspension

Draymond Green and Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green and Jonathan Kuminga, Golden State Warriors / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages
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Benefit No. 1: Green has the space to grow

If the NBA were truly concerned with administering the proper discipline for Draymond Green's thwacking of Jusuf Nurkic, they would have weighed the history and the act and handed out a suspension for a specific length of time.

There is another priority at work, however; the NBA wants Green to stop hitting people. Or putting them in chokeholds. Or kicking them in soft places. And so on.

That's what the Warriors want as well. That's what Green says he wants, however much that appears to have been a lie thus far. Those three parties dialogued about a suspension that wouldn't just punish but also give the opportunity for change.

The details of the work Green is putting in are not public, but it is known that he is going to counseling and has not been ostracized from the team. He is continuing to practice, not only keeping up his physical condition but staying around his brothers in arms. He can still receive a word of encouragement or challenge from Stephen Curry or Bruce Fraser.

Green has maintained that those on the outside don't know the truth of what's going on with him, in his heart, the motivations for the outbursts. That may be true, but it's only because Green hasn't made those clear. That's his right, but it makes it more difficult to have any confridence in the steps he is taking to find a healthier place.

The league is hoping that Green will grow, will change, will get healthier and wiser and stop putting egg on their face. The Warriors are desperately hoping the same, not just for the PR benefits but because without a healthy, available Green they probably can't win the title (that may be a foolish hope even when he returns).

Ultimately, however, it matters whether or not Draymond Green wants to grow, wants to change. If he doesn't, then he'll fake his way to a return only to get into trouble again, potentially putting another player in danger in the process. Then he'll be shelved for the rest of the season, and the Warriors will be saving money and leaning on those young players to continue developing, and fast.

For now, though, they can keep in touch with Green and hope that he is taking this process seriously. If he isn't, the days of a dynasty are all but over.