4 Stars Warriors could pair with Stephen Curry this summer

There are several players the Warriors could pursue to put next to their franchise cornerstone this coming offseason.
LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Harry How/GettyImages
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Times have rarely been as unsure for the Golden State Warriors in the Stephen Curry era than they are right now. Heading into the All-Star break, the Dubs won six games out of seven. But all that did was lift them back into the play-in picture, putting them at tenth in the Western Conference.

The Warriors are a far cry from the dominant 2021-22 squad that started the season 18-2 and took home a championship less than two years ago. With injury troubles and disappointing performances from multiple rotation players, Golden State is struggling just to keep their heads above water.

In the meantime, rumblings about Stephen Curry's future continue. Will he still retire a Warrior? For that to happen, the front office will have to put in the work to get him the proper help he needs. Making that a reality could certainly involve some tough decisions in the coming months.

Recently, Anthony Slater of The Athletic reported that "the Warriors' lead decision-makers still believe Curry’s longevity gives them a couple more seasons of possible contention if the roster around him is up to it." According to Slater, there are several big name free agents that could be available this summer that the Warriors will look into if an opportunity presents itself.

Here, we will look at the four biggest stars Golden State could ultimately put next to Stephen Curry next season.