4 Stars Warriors could pair with Stephen Curry this summer

There are several players the Warriors could pursue to put next to their franchise cornerstone this coming offseason.

LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Harry How/GettyImages
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Paul George

Another prominent star listed as a potential target for Golden State is Paul George. Like LeBron, George plays for another interconference and cross-state rival that the Warriors would love to poach from in order to not just strengthen their own roster, but to weaken a competitor's as well.

Right now, Paul's Clippers are having their best season since he arrived in Southern California. Since they traded for James Harden, the Clippers have gone on a run of sustained high-level play that makes them one of the favorites to take home the championship in June.

Luring him away from a winning team of that caliber would certainly be difficult, and that is compounded by the fact that George is originally from the Los Angeles area. Recently, Kawhi Leonard signed an extension with the Clippers to keep him around for multiple seasons in the future.

The thought is that George will follow suit and do the same, but nothing has materialized on that front just yet. There have been rumblings that George's old team, the Indiana Pacers, would love to make a run at him this summer. If the Clippers flame out in the playoffs this year and things look uncertain, the Warriors should be absolutely be throwing their hat in the ring as well.