4 Stars Warriors could pair with Stephen Curry this summer

There are several players the Warriors could pursue to put next to their franchise cornerstone this coming offseason.
LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Harry How/GettyImages
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Kevin Durant

He may not be the best player on this list, but Kevin Durant is undoubtedly the most interesting option for the Warriors to pursue this summer for a number of reasons. The first of which being the elephant in the room: what he was able to do the last time he wore a Golden State uniform.

When Durant took the basketball world by surprise and chose the Warriors in free agency during the summer of 2016, he sent shockwaves all throughout the NBA. Teams around the league prepared for what was to come, but no one could ultimately stop the overpowered duo of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

With KD in the Bay Area, the Warriors were near unstoppable, with a third quarter surge coming every time an opposing team seemed to have an edge at halftime. Durant is a good bit older than he was the last time he was a Warrior half a decade ago, but he is still one of the most efficient high-usage scorers in the league.

Steph pairing up with Kevin for a second time would certainly make the league tremble once again. The other big storyline behind KD coming back to Golden State revolves around why he left the last time: chemistry issues. Whether or not he could gel with the likes of Draymond Green would play a big part in Durant choosing to return to the Warriors or not.