5 Trades for Warriors to wash their hands of Draymond Green

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Look anywhere on the Internet that covers the NBA and you'll see the name Draymond Green. If you were to walk by the proverbial newsstand, his face would be plastered across the front of every sports section. Everyone and their mother is weighing in on Green's suspension and the demise of the Golden State Warriors dynasty.

The Warriors have always put up with the antics and ejections and outbursts and suspensions and the media storms before, because Green was the greatest defensive player in the league and a perfect fit for everything they did on both ends of the court. At some point, however, as his on-court play decreases and his outbursts increase, that tradeoff won't be worth it anymore.

If the Warriors were to decide it's time to move on, that Green is costing them more than he is giving them, could they possibly consider trading the four-time champion?

Can the Warriors trade Draymond Green?

Answering this question involves peeling back a number of layers. Can they afford to trade Green because he is crucial to their defensive scheme? On another level, can they trade Green after all he has accomplished for this franchise? Can they trade Stephen Curry's partner if the superstar isn't on board? And perhaps most worryingly, can they trade Green at his current reduced value around the league?

It's likely that some teams will see this as an opportunity to buy low on a player who is still one of the very best defenders in the league, that this particular moment of discipline will pass and he will prove himself on the court. If so, what could a Green trade look like?

Let's look at five different deals and consider why each team would trade for Draymond and whether the Warriors would be getting enough back to move on from him.