5 Trades for Warriors to wash their hands of Draymond Green

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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No. 4: Indiana Pacers trade for Draymond Green

The Indiana Pacers have a lethal offense, perfectly orchestrated by budding superstar Tyrese Haliburton surrounded by shooters. On the other hand, their defense is a bottom-three unit, and their lack of size and fight was highlighted when the Los Angeles Lakers ran them over for the In-Season Tournament crown.

Enter Draymond Green, a player who would represent a significant upgrade on Aaron Nesmith at power forward and give them a versatile defender to help them improve on that end. His playmaking on offense can also allow Haliburton to deploy the off-ball part of his game that he isn't using much right now; he can unlock his inner Stephen Curry playing alongside Green.

Draymond to Pacers trade

The Warriors get a Green replacement in Jarace Walker, although it's one who will need time to develop. The 20-year old rookie was drafted in the Top 10 for his defense and short-roll playmaking, both skills that would make him an excellent fit with Stephen Curry as he develops.

Buddy Hield is the win-now piece, one of the league's best shooters who would give the Warriors a truly game-breaking trio of snipers. It would sting to trade Green and have to add a pick to him, but that's the reality the Warriors may need to grapple with. This deal gives them a player for now and a player for later, something that should give them at least a moment's pause to consider.