5 Free agents who should be on Warriors' summer wish list

These five players should be on Golden State's radar in the coming offseason.
Malik Monk, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Malik Monk, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Miles Bridges

A highly effective slashing wing, Miles Bridges has been enjoying a productive season after returning from a year-long suspension during the 2022-23 season. There were questions about how he would look back on an NBA court after missing so much time, but it is safe to say at this point that he has answered those questions loud and clear.

Known before his time off as one of the best dunkers in the association, Bridges began the current season with less of a focus on rim-running and high leaping as he worked to get back to where he wanted to be physically. Instead, he concentrated on scoring efficiently and rebounding at a high level for a Hornets team that was frequently without its other best player in LaMelo Ball.

He has been frequently praised for his consistency in doing both those things this season. He has had off games as all players do, but by and large, Miles is extremely consistent at getting 20 points and eight rebounds a night.

Bridges' athleticism did not disappear either, and he is slowly getting back to being the leaper he was before as well. If the Warriors want a mainstay in their wing rotation that can carry the team offensively at times, Miles would be an excellent target.