5 Free agents who should be on Warriors' summer wish list

These five players should be on Golden State's radar in the coming offseason.

Malik Monk, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Malik Monk, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Obi Toppin

Interestingly enough, another upcoming free agent who is a similar player archetype to Bridges is Obi Toppin. Entering the league as one of the top prospects in the 2020 draft, Toppin become known for his high-flying dunks and ridiculous athleticism in short order.

Let me make a quick comparison for you. When football prospects are being evaluated for the NFL draft, sometimes a player's position abbreviation will be replaced with 'ATH.' Short for 'athlete,' this designation is given when a player is not necessarily being evaluated for one position in particular, and rather they are seen as so versatile that they can fit in multiple spots.

Being given the 'ATH' abbreviation can be an honor for players, and guys like Obi best fit this description in the NBA. While he may not be as well-rounded a scorer as Bridges, Toppin can affect the game in a multitude of ways. He is skilled enough to take defenders off the dribble, and he thrives as a constant off-ball threat as well.

Two seasons ago with the Knicks, Obi finished the year with 102 dunks, with over 23% of his shot attempts being dunks. Now, he has gradually expanded his game and worked that number down to below 19%. He would be a great injection of youth into the Warriors' mostly older core of players.