5 Free agents who should be on Warriors' summer wish list

These five players should be on Golden State's radar in the coming offseason.
Malik Monk, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Malik Monk, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Malik Monk

Sometimes all a player needs to succeed is the right situation. A guy can have all the talent and work ethic in the world, but if they are not in the correct position to let that talent thrive, they can end up underachieving. This is the story of so many players in the NBA. What literally defines success in the formative stages of a career is often the situation.

Malik Monk can attest to this as well as anyone in recent NBA history. Drafted to Charlotte in 2017, Monk received minimal playing time in his first two seasons with the Hornets and only started one game in his four seasons there. It was not until he signed with the Lakers in the 2021 offseason that his talents truly began to be recognized.

In 2021-22, Malik started 37 contests for Los Angeles and put his shooting and athleticism on display for the world to see on national television. As a result, the Sacramento Kings decided to offer him a multi-year deal the following summer.

Monk has been thriving in SacTown ever since. In 2022-23, he finished fifth in Sixth Man of the Year voting. Malik would be a high-level option for Golden State in the backcourt this offseason.