5 major lineup questions Golden Warriors must address this offseason

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors
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The Golden State Warriors could never get themselves settled till late in the season, by which point it became all too late as they left themselves at the mercy of the NBA's Play-In Tournament where they were promptly run off the floor by the Sacramento Kings.

A quick look at the most used lineups across the league would suggest that consistency is key in building success. The starting units of the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder played the most minutes of any in the league, and subsequently they finished as the top two teams in the Western Conference.

The Golden State Warriors have a series of key question surrounding their starting lineup heading into next season

The Warriors most used lineup -- featuring Stephen Curry, Brandin Podziemski, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Jonathan Kuminga -- were the 30th ranked lineups for minutes played. Sure, Golden State had their injury and suspension issues, but the fact remains that Steve Kerr could never find an ultra-effective starting group.

It's an aspect Kerr and the Warriors will need to resolve next season, so let's look at five key questions regarding their lineups and rotations heading into the offseason.

1. Who starts next to Stephen Curry in the back court?

This question largely hinges on what happens with Klay Thompson in free agency, with the veteran sharpshooter currently weighing up a return to the franchise or what would still be considered as a shock move elsewhere.

But even if Thompson does re-sign with the Warriors, his spot next to Curry in the back court is far from a fait accompli. For the first time since his rookie year, the 34-year-old was moved to the bench just prior to the All-Star break as rookie Brandin Podziemski assumed the starting shooting-guard spot.

While the two swapped places again to close the season, it's almost inevitable that Thompson will become a reserve again at some point before his career is out. Does that happen immediately from the start of next season, and if so is it Podziemski or someone else that takes the role? If Thompson were to depart in free agency, perhaps Golden State look at Moses Moody as a similarly-sized three-point shooting threat as a starter?

Don't rule out a trade either for a player who could take a starting back court role, particularly a player with a little more on-ball scoring and creation to support Curry. Dejounte Murray comes to mind here as someone who may be a realistic trade target for the franchise.