5 Stars the Golden State Warriors could trade for this summer

Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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No. 2: Jaylen Brown

In the first draft of this article, a different member of the Boston Celtics occupied this spot on the list. Jrue Holiday would be an ideal fit on the Golden State Warriors or any contender, the kind of player who fits in on offense and elevates a perimeter defense into the stratosphere. The same reason the Warriors would have wanted to trade for him is the same reason the Celtics just signed him to a new four-year extension. Holiday would combine the best elements of Chris Paul on offense and Gary Payton II on defense.

The reason the Celtics might have traded Holiday, however, is the same reason that they might trade Jaylen Brown: their roster is about to be prohibitively expensive. Brown and Jayson Tatum are going to soon start next contracts averaging north of $50 million per season, while Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday are now making well north of $30 and Derrick White will be due for a new contract soon. With the new CBA significantly restricting teams who spend above the second tax apron, the Celtics will have to make some tough decisions before too long.

If their postseason doesn't end with a title this year, and especially if they are upset early in the Eastern Conference playoffs, those decisions may be pushed into the present. Of their five core starters it's Brown that seems the most expendable, and it's not difficult to see the Celtics being open to a deal involving expiring salary, young (and inexpensive) players like Moses Moody and Jonathan Kuminga and draft picks to continue reloading their bench.

Brown is a versatile defender who could take the most threatening perimeter threat, and together he and Andrew Wiggins would be a fearsome combination for opponents. He would have a high number of shots created for him and be able to thrive as a play finisher, but also have enough touches to satisfy himself. He would be set up for success in the Warriors' ecosystem.

It will be expensive to attain and to keep Brown, but he would also be young enough for the Warriors to keep and build around in their second act with whichever young pieces they keep in the trade to acquire him.