5 Warriors that have failed to meet expectations this season

Several players have failed to live up their potential for the Dubs in 2023-24.

Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors
Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors / Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports
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The current season has been nothing short of a major letdown for the Golden State Warriors. Coming into the year with a revamped roster and seen by many as a team that could be in the mix to come out of the Western Conference come June, the Warriors have struggled mightily ever since their promising 6-2 start.

There have still been some positive developments at various points throughout the year, but Golden State's performance has been a massive disappointment overall. When this season is over, it is likely we will see some significant changes take place, and there is no telling what this team will look like in just a few short months.

Over the course of the last five months, there have been several Warriors players that have failed to live up to expectations with their individual performances. These are five Warriors that fit in that category.

Moses Moody

Entering his third season in the association, many expected Moses Moody to take a big step and become a prime contributor for the Warriors this season. While his scoring has gone up in terms of points per game, he is still yet to show that he has real potential as a top-level rotation guy.

Moody's opportunity has increased from 13 minutes per game last season to 17.2 this year, so it is natural that his scoring and rebounding per game averages would go up a bit. But overall, he has been scoring less efficiently, seeing a drop in his shooting percentages from three and from the floor as compared to last season.

Moses can have games where he catches fire and make a lot of shots like any good shooter, but he has yet to put together much consistency. The jury is still out on his usefulness as a long-term rotation player with the Dubs.