5 Warriors that have failed to meet expectations this season

Several players have failed to live up their potential for the Dubs in 2023-24.
Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors
Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors / Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports
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Kevon Looney

On a roster that has the shortest average height in the NBA, Kevon Looney has been one of the Warriors' most important players for years. In a league where size has become important once again, his strong interior play and rebounding presence is as valuable as ever.

That value was never more evident than it was during the playoffs last season. Looney was a big reason the Dubs were able to eke out a win over the Kings in the first round. He logged 20 or more rebounds in three of the seven games during that series, including a monster 11-point, 20-rebound performance in the deciding Game 7.

His physical play on the interior kept the Warriors alive against the star power of Domantas Sabonis. In the next round, it gave them a fighting chance against a team with an even greater size advantage in the Lakers. Golden State would have likely lost the series in four or five games without Looney's rebounding.

But this season, Kevon has shrunk and has not been nearly a big enough factor for the Warriors. He has scored in double figures just four times the entire season. Looney has played far below the level he is capable of, and his minutes have been dwindling all season as a result.