5 Warriors that have failed to meet expectations this season

Several players have failed to live up their potential for the Dubs in 2023-24.
Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors
Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors / Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports
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Klay Thompson

One of the unquestioned greatest players in franchise history, Klay Thompson is sadly not the same offensive manifesto he once was. Like many of the players on this list, he has had his moments this season. But by and large, he has fallen short of what many expected from him.

As we all know, Klay suffered through two of the worst and most debilitating injuries an athlete can endure. When he walked off the court in June 2019 with a torn ACL, everyone knew it would be a difficult road back to the court for Thompson. Coming back from a circumstance like that requires immense mental fortitude.

But just when it seemed things were getting better, the Warriors announced Klay had suffered possibly the only injury worse than an ACL tear — the dreaded Achilles injury. He would miss all of the upcoming season along with half the following season after that.

With all that in mind, it is frankly incredible that we have seen Klay on an NBA court again at all. So his successes since then should be magnified, and his failures given a bit more context. Even so, it is hard to say he has lived up to his expectations so far this season.