6 Golden State Warriors who are as good as gone this summer

Decision time is quickly approaching for the Golden State Warriors, and these 6 players appear more likely than not to be playing elsewhere.
Chris Paul, Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors
Chris Paul, Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors / David Berding/GettyImages
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No. 2: Chris Paul

When the Golden State Warriors first traded Jordan Poole for Chris Paul last June, it seemed very likely that the partnership would be short-term. The two sides were publicly cool, Paul's methodical style seemed a poor fit for the Warriors' movement-heavy offense, and everyone waited for the big trade where the Warriors would use Paul's contract to bring back a co-star for Curry.

That deal never came, and it may never. Paul has a non-guaranteed contract that will flip to fully guaranteed on June 28th. Keeping Paul on that full number would make it very difficult to get out of the luxury tax. Would they negotiate to push back the date or guarantee just part of his salary, either to waive and re-sign him or to include in a trade?

Either is possible, but the most likely outcome appears to be that the Warriors will waive Paul outright before that guarantee kicks in, allowing him to sign for a mid-level exception with another team. He could chase a ring with the Phoenix Suns or Los Angeles Lakers, or look for a larger payday with the Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons or San Antonio Spurs.

Either way, the likelihood of Paul staying on the Warriors seems quite low. He was a positive influence on their bench and the team's veterans like Curry and Green seemed to like him. Even so, he likely yearns for a larger role, a better shot at a title or both; unless something unexpected comes up, he seems to be as good as gone from the Warriors this summer.