6 Teams that could be chasing Klay Thompson in free agency this summer

Several teams could be bidding against the Warriors for Klay in the offseason.
Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Detroit Pistons

Last offseason, the Detroit Pistons were being mentioned along with the Warriors when the free agency period began. At the time, it was because they were considered one of the biggest threats to sign Draymond Green away from Golden State. As we know, Draymond ultimately inked an extension to stay in The Bay.

A similar bidding war could be coming with Klay Thompson this summer. The worst team in the NBA record-wise has a clear talent disadvantage compared to nearly every team in the association. If they want to commit the money to signing him, adding Klay Thompson would be a major get for the Pistons. It would be another situation where Klay would be able to thrive alongside an elite ball handler in Cade Cunningham.

Orlando Magic

When it comes to up-and-coming teams with a notable amount of young talent, the Orlando Magic can be mentioned with anyone in the NBA. Paolo Banchero is already doing incredible things in just his second season, and the team in central Florida clearly has something good going for them.

It seems somewhat unlikely that a veteran like Thompson would want to join a young team looking for their first playoff appearance, but anything can happen if the price is right.