6 Warriors who may not last the entire season in Golden State

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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The Golden State Warriors are not going to go meekly out into the night. They may be floundering this season, in 11th place with a losing record and no obvious answers in sight, but this is a proud group with a lot of trophies on the shelf. They aren't afraid to make bold and painful moves to try and right the ship and make one more run with Stephen Curry.

Curry is likely the only untouchable player on the roster (who is next on that list; Klay Thompson? Or is it Brandin Podziemski already?). Anyone else could conceivably be part of a trade. Who is most likely to be involved in a future transaction? That's a fascinating question to answer.

Let's look at the current 14-man roster and identify which players are least likely to last the entire season in Golden State. We'll start with the player most likely to be jettisoned and the only one who could be waived outright, then start moving up the ladder until we identify the former All-Star most likely to be a part of a trade.

No. 6: Gui Santos

This could be filed under the heading of "obvious" for those closely watching the Warriors and their salary sheet, but Gui Santos is extremely unlikely to make it the entire season in Golden State. The Warriors signed Santos because he was their cheapest pathway to a 14th player, and the CBA demanded that they have 14 players on the roster to keep three two-way players.

Santos, the Warriors' second-round pick in 2022, signed a three-year deal with only the slightest of guarantees on it. If the Warriors have an unbalanced trade at any point they can easily waive Santos to make room. More likely, they will simply cut him when a more attractive player comes along; as the season goes on, the financial hit of that decreases, and the Warriors may want to add a veteran who can be called upon in the playoffs.

To his credit, Santos has scored efficiently and quickly when he has played. In 22 total minutes stretched across four garbage times, Santos has put up 13 points and eight rebounds, good for 21.3 points and 13.1 rebounds per 36 minutes. It's possible that he could develop into a rotation player down the line, it's just unlikely the Warriors stick around to see that development arc to its completion.