6 Warriors who may not last the entire season in Golden State

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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No. 5: Cory Joseph

The Golden State Warriors once signed a veteran point guard to back up Stephen Curry, and he turned out to be an abject disaster in the Warriors' system; that player was Brad Wanamaker, and he was shipped off to Charlotte at the Trade Deadline.

Cory Joseph is not the same case, and it's not his fault that he has been passed in the pecking order by Brandin Podziemski, but he is shooting just 18.2 percent from deep and the Dubs' offense has cratered when he takes the court. His true-shooting percentage of 34.1 percent is the lowest of any player in the NBA who has logged at least 145 minutes.

On second thought, this may be Brad Wanamker all over again. Whether the Warriors are dumping Joseph or including him in a deal to balance the salary sheet, there doesn't appear to be a compelling reason to keep Joseph around if he can provide any sort of value to them by leaving.

No. 4: Moses Moody

From a guard playing poorly to one playing extremely well. Despite Steve Kerr's annual refusal to play Moses Moody significant minutes, he is acquitting himself well when he does see the court. The Warriors score 119 points per 100 possessions when he is on the court, an above-average mark, and despite some tepid shooting the past few weeks he balances his shot diet out by scoring efficiently inside, to the tune of 60.8 percent from 3-point range.

The reason Moody could be traded is twofold. First, Steve Kerr doesn't value him as highly in the rotation as many other teams would. That gives him more value to other teams than to the Warriors. Secondly, Moody is the young prospect easiest to include in a trade to entice a team to send their star back to the Warriors.

Still only 21 years old and the epitome of a 3-and-D player with ball-handling chops to become more, Moody is one of the Warriors' best assets and the logical player to pair with one of their veteran contracts to hunting for another star player.