6 Warriors who may not last the entire season in Golden State

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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No. 3: Chris Paul

The Point God himself, Chris Paul was always going to be a part of trade rumors from the moment he landed in Golden State. The Warriors already have a point guard, for one, but Paul's contract make him a perfect matching salary to use in a trade. After making $30.8 million this season, Paul's $30 million for next season is non-guaranteed, so he is functionally an expiring contract.

Do the Warriors still want to trade Paul? Perhaps not, as his steadiness and savvy running the second unit has helped the young players take a step forward. Paul is a bit redundant with the Warriors' other stars, though, so it's not as clear-cut of an answer as it may appear at first glance.

Trade Paul, and the Warriors need to hope either Cory Joseph or Brandin Podziemski are ready to step up in his stead. Keep him, and they have to trade a veteran player at a more important position, be that Andrew Wiggins or even Draymond Green.

Paul seems to have settled in well with this group, and his best season with a new team is always his first. His shot was off to start the season but has come around, and his chemistry with Dario Saric and Trayce Jackson-Davis is palpable. Trading Paul won't be easy, but it's also their best avenue to bringing back a large contract. If the Warriors take a big swing, there's a great chance that Paul is the way they do it.