6 Warriors who may not last the entire season in Golden State

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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No. 2: Andrew Wiggins

For much of the offseason and early into the season, the veteran player on the Warriors most likely to be traded was Chris Paul, for all of the reasons we just mentioned. For perhaps a week or two, that was probably Draymond Green, as his lack of control and immature deceptions reached a boiling point. Either or both could still be dealt.

Andrew Wiggins has now ascended into the mix, and in fact he is probably so expendable to the Warriors that his value on the trade market may have taken a hit. He is the perfect archetype for the modern NBA, a great 3-point shooter and versatile defender with plus athleticism and secondary scoring ability. That was why he starred as Curry's wingman in the 2022 playoffs en route to the title.

This season things have been very different, however, with Wiggins shooting just 30.1 percent from deep and 42.7 percent from the field overall, absolutely atrocious numbers. His play in other areas has waned as well, be it rebounding or defense or even finishing at the rim. He will have a small series of positive games, then completely fall apart again. The Warriors need the best version of Wiggins, but whether their path to that is waiting Wiggins out or trading him for a similar player is yet to be seen.

Wiggins makes $24.3 million in the first year of his four-year extension, and that opens up a number of trade possibilities for the Warriors, especially if he is paired with players such as Moses Moody and Cory Joseph to inch that salary up. Even with his struggles this season there should be plenty of teams in need of an athletic small forward, and if the Warriors do decide to move him they likely will be able to.