6 Warriors who may not last the entire season in Golden State

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry and Chris Paul, Golden State Warriors / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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No. 1: Jonathan Kuminga

When this piece was originally conceived, Andrew Wiggins landed at the top as the player most likely to be traded. Jonathan Kuminga had been moved to the starting lineup, and his combination of size, strength and speed seemed like a sure ramp to future growth and one of the core players of the Warriors' future.

Instead, the Warriors' continued struggles and Steve Kerr's inconsistent lineups have led to limited minutes for Kuminga once again, despite no obvious on-court reason for it. Kuminga is often the Warriors' second-best player in games and yet doesn't finish them, losing his spot to Andrew Wiggins or Kevon Looney.

With how poorly Wiggins has played this year, it seems like the obvious decision would be to play Kuminga significant minutes. No other player on the Warriors brings his explosiveness to the lineup, and he is able to make an impact on offense while also being a positive defensive force. Unfortunately for Kerr, the decision doesn't seem that easy.

If the decision doesn't make sense from the outside, it doesn't make sense to Kuminga on the inside either, and his frustration with Steve Kerr has boiled over into the public. The Athletic reported this week that Kuminga has lost faith in Kerr and doesn't think Kerr is the right coach to help him reach his potential.

Suddenly, a player who looked like the future for Golden State is now their player most likely to be traded. That doesn't mean he certainly will be dealt; the Warriors have never had a problem waiting out a staring contest, and they would also move Wiggins and give Kuminga a larger role and see the third-year forward recommit to playing with this team.

Yet the writing is on the wall for Kuminga's time on the Warriors, and he appears to be the player most likely to be moved. He could be the sweetener in a swing for a star or shipped for draft assets. Teams from Indiana to Portland will be interested in a player like Kuminga.

Whether it's Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody getting opportunities elsewhere, Andrew Wiggins or Chris Paul used to match the salary of another star, or even a minor move to help out the books, the Warriors will be active on the trade market. The moves they make will determine whether they have a shot at a title before Curry is done.

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