7 Golden State Warriors at risk of being traded away this summer

Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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No. 6: Brandin Podziemski

Rookie phenom Brandin Podziemski ranks low on this list because the odds of him being traded are low. Steve Kerr has loved "Podz" from the very start, giving him rotation minutes early in his rookie season and moving him into the starting lineup prior to the All-Star Break, pushing future Hall of Famer Klay Thompson to the bench in the process.

Podziemski does everything a head coach would want, playing hard while also playing smart. He doesn't make many mistakes, instead instinctually knowing where on the court to flow to and how to position himself in passing lanes and in setting up for charges; the rookie leads the league in charges drawn.

The Warriors don't want to move on from Podziemski, and they almost certainly won't. Yet this is a team trying to chase championships over the next couple of seasons, and there is not a clear-cut second scoring option on the roster. Andrew Wiggins has faded, Klay Thompson and Chris Paul don't have that juice anymore, and Jonathan Kuminga is both having a breakout season and not quite there in terms of consistency and experience.

If the Warriors chase a star on the trade market this summer they will need to give up someone from their young core, and Kuminga is very-nearly untouchable. That leaves Podziemski as the obvious addition to such a deal as a player to build the trade around. Podz, matching salary and a couple of firsts would be an attractive package for teams looking to move on from a second-tier star.