7 Golden State Warriors at risk of being traded away this summer

Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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No. 3: Moses Moody

If the Golden State Warriors want to sweeten the pot of a trade offer, their limits for which player to add are limited. Jonathan Kuminga is too valuable to include, and we discussed above that Steve Kerr and company are unlikely to part with Brandin Podziemski for anything short of a deal for a star. Trayce Jackson-Davis is a non-shooting center who is old for a rookie, and he is also needed by the Warriors.

The right answer, therefore, becomes Moses Moody. The league always needs wings who can shoot, and while Moody's shot has been inconsistent there is no question that he looks the part of at least a 3-and-D wing shooter. At just 21 years of age and clearly marginalized by a deep Warriors roster, there are likely a lot of teams that could talk themselves into trading for Moody and helping him to meet his potential as something more than just a role player as well.

Steve Kerr has demonstrated that while he values Moody's skill set, he is not willing to elevate him in the rotation above Klay, Podziemski or Andrew Wiggins, nor even Gary Payton II, which means he is the most expendable young player on the roster. The odds of Moody being tossed into a trade are quite high.

He doesn't make enough to get back a useful player on his own, so the most likely reason Moody may not be traded is if the Warriors end up staying above the second tax apron and therefore cannot aggregate salaries in a trade. Otherwise, Moody being traded ahead of his fourth season seems like a likely course of action.