7 Golden State Warriors at risk of being traded away this summer

Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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No. 2: Chris Paul

When the Golden State Warriors first traded for Chris Paul it seemed like one move waiting to set up another; while Paul and D'Angelo Russell are very different players, the strategy seemed similar. The Warriors brought back a player to use as matching salary in a subsequent trade.

That move didn't materialize before the season, and the Warriors have discovered that Chris Paul was able to fit on their roster and in their rotation. Not only has he not made a stink about coming off of the bench, but he has also changed his game stylistically to fit the Warriors' needs as the season has gone on.

It would not be a major surprise to see the Warriors waive Paul's non-guaranteed contract and bring him back on a short-term, less lucrative deal to continue backing up Stephen Curry. It would also not be a major surprise to see Paul walk in free agency and sign on a top-tier contender to make a run at a title.

Yet the Warriors could look to make a massive and lucrative swing by trading Paul for another player, guaranteeing some or all of his salary in the process. It would likely mean staying in the luxury tax, perhaps even above that second apron, but Paul represents the easiest trade chip if they want to stay all-in for one more season.