7 Golden State Warriors at risk of being traded away this summer

Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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No. 1: Andrew Wiggins

When looking at players on a roster to identify potential trade candidates, there are a few key factors to consider. One is how a player's value to the league at large compares to their value to the team; are they crucial to their team, or are they expendable? Could they be be moved for value or are they negative salary?

Another key factor is what the team could accomplish given the size of their salary. If the Warriors decide to trade Moses Moody they don't have many options to bring back by moving on from Moody alone. However, a player making a larger salary can bring back a more expensive player in return.

Both of those factors are pointing glowing neon arrows right at Andrew Wiggins. While he had a poor start to the season he has rebounded enough that his contract is likely not seen as toxic any longer, but he is also somewhat less valuable to a Warriors team elevating Jonathan Kuminga into the wingman role. That isn't to say he has no value to the Warriors or is entirely expendable, but there are pathways to the Warriors moving Wiggins for a star-level player and having the pieces needed to fill in around them.

If the Warriors wish to use Podziemski or Moody in a deal for a star they will need matching salary, and Wiggins stands out as the most obvious candidate to pair with them. If the Warriors financially can't aggregate or want to use draft compensation instead of players, Wiggins is again a logical answer because his matching salary can open up a number of candidates.

None of the players on the Warriors' roster are particularly likely to be traded on their own, but it's almost a certainty that the Warriors will be making significant changes this summer to gear up for another run. Of all the players on the roster, Andrew Wiggins looks like the one most likely to be on the block this summer.

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