The 8 greatest Golden State Warriors to never make an All-Star Team

Purvis Short, Golden State Warriors
Purvis Short, Golden State Warriors / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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No. 4: Jason Richardson

If you had been closely following the NBA in 2001-02, you would have seen a high-flying rookie playing for the Golden State Warriors and thought that he was a lock to make an All-Star Game later in his career. Jason Richardson averaged 14.4 points per game as a rookie and the future looked bright for him.

Richardson became a really talented scorer whose athleticism lent him to high rebounding totals but didn't translate to much defensive impact until (perhaps) later in his career. When you then add in that Richardson played on the Warriors for six moribund seasons at the bottom of the standings, it becomes clear why he did not make an All-Star Team.

What Richardson did become known for was his sky-walking ability, and while he didn't make it to All-Star Weekend playing in the main event, he did make it there performing in the Dunk Contest. Richardson won the Dunk Contest in back-to-back seasons, in both 2002 and 2003, putting his name on the map even if he would never ascend to the highest of heights as an on-court player.

Richardson would play six seasons with the Warriors before moving on to another team. His time in Phoenix playing alongside Steve Nash saw his greatest team success, but he never had that one elite year to push him to the top.