The 8 greatest Golden State Warriors to never make an All-Star Team

Purvis Short, Golden State Warriors
Purvis Short, Golden State Warriors / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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No. 2: Andrew Bogut

A great way to identify future All-Star players is to look at their draft capital. A player taken with the very first pick in the draft has a very good chance at making an All-Star team; of the last 25 first overall picks, 17 have made an All-Star Game.

That was certainly the expectation for Australian center Andrew Bogut when he was drafted first overall in 2005 by the Milwaukee Bucks. He finished third in Rookie of the Year voting but then found himself on bad Bucks teams before injuries started to chip away at his production.

Then Bogut broke through in 2009-10, putting together a dominant season averaging 15.9 points, 10.2 rebounds and 2.5 blocks. He didn't have the cache early on but ended the year on the All-NBA third team.

Bogut broke his wrist and arm at the end of that season and, on top of nagging back and lower body injuries, was never again that level of offensive player. What Bogut did bring the rest of his career was elite defense, strong rebounding and savvy passing.

That's what he brought to the Golden State Warriors in 2012 when he joined the team in exchange for Monta Ellis. He would start at center for the Warriors as they developed into a dynasty, winning the title in 2015. He would total five seasons for the Dubs and be a key piece of their success, even if he wasn't able to be a complementary scorer at that point in his career.