Making the case for and against the Golden State Warriors' trade pursuit of rival guard

Golden State Warriors v Atlanta Hawks
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Why the Warriors SHOULDN'T consider a trade for Dejounte Murray

1. Doesn't help Golden State's spacing issues

As ironic as it is given Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson helped revolutionize the game of basketball, the Warriors desperately lack three-point shooting outside the storied splash brothers.

While Murray is shooting career-highs in three-point shooting (39.4%) and three-point attempts (6.1), he's certainly not the sniper Golden State could do with next to Curry and Thompson. He shoots a below average 34.3% from three-point range on his career, having shot less than 33% in three of his seven seasons.

Although he'd be more of a floor spacer than Paul, the Warriors might decide they need a greater shooting threat if they're going to move on from the veteran point-guard.

2. No longer the point-of-attack defender the Warriors need

Point-of-attack defense has proven an issue for Golden State this season, with Andrew Wiggins' inconsistency proving a problem and Jonathan Kuminga still having lapses on that end of the floor. Their best option, Gary Payton II, continues to have injury concerns that's limited him to just 16 games.

Murray was a defensive guy to open his career, having been named to the NBA's All-Defensive Second Team in just his second season. He was also the NBA steals leader in 2022 and long utilized his near 6'10" wingspan to great effect.

Although his current 1.4 steals per game is still better than any player on the Warriors, Murray is far from the defender that he once was. The Hawks brought him in partly to help alleviate Young's deficiencies, but the franchise ranks 27th on the defensive end this season.

Murray's -1.1 defensive box plus-minus is the worst of his career, as is his 0.4 defensive win shares. He's still young enough to recapture his defensive best, but that's a risk Golden State might not be willing to take on.

Overall, Murray isn't the perfect trade target and subsequently probably won't be the sort of difference-making piece the Warriors desire. Yet in saying that, he would certainly be helpful and therefore should be a piece the franchise looks at if the price is right.