Drastic Golden State Warriors trade proposal nothing short of unfathomable

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Many believe the Golden State Warriors need a drastic change this offseason to help revitalize their fading dynasty, but some things are still too extreme to even contemplate.

Yet that's what The San Francisco Chronicle's Scott Ostler has done in a recent article proposing whether the Warriors should make the unconscionable move of trading Stephen Curry.

Almost everything should be on the table for the Golden State Warriors this offseason, but trading Stephen Curry isn't one of them

Most recognize the Warriors need to reinvent their team around Curry after a playoff absence this season, but that may be easier said than done with little assurance that they can ever return to the NBA mountaintop.

Should they therefore consider the drastic step of tearing it down completely? While 36-years-old, Curry would still have plenty of value that could accelerate a Warrior rebuild in the coming years.

"If another team will offer the Warriors a bounty of draft picks and prospects in exchange for Curry, thus jump-starting a necessary team overhaul, the Warriors should at least consider the offer, and present it to Curry"

Scott Ostler

From purely a transactional perspective, it might make sense for Golden State to contemplate such a move. But this is not just about any kind of trade value, and more about the idea of trading the greatest player in franchise history.

Ostler does concede that a trade should never go down without Curry's consent, but one would argue it should only come about were the two-time MVP to initiate the conversation himself. Responding to the idea on Tuesday, 95.7 The Game's Mark Willard stated that he'd prefer the Warriors lose for a decade than trade Curry. That's a sentiment many Golden State fans would hold, such is the esteem he's held in by the fanbase.

Put simply, trading Curry is an unfathomable concept that shouldn't be entertained by anyone than Curry himself. If the 15-year veteran desperately wants a chance to win and believes he needs to do that elsewhere, then he should be respected enough for the franchise to consider it. Yet it's not something the Warriors should be actively pushing for, nor entertaining in any such manner.