Two-time Finals MVP still a dream offseason trade scenario for Golden State Warriors

Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

With the Golden State Warriors' season unlikely to end in a deep playoff run, some external attention has already been placed on the franchise's offseason where they'll look to retool around superstar Stephen Curry.

From a win-loss perspective the Warriors' season has been reasonable, yet the star-studded nature of the Western Conference means the 2022 NBA champions remain tenth in the Western Conference despite a 40-34 record.

Kevin Durant remains the dream offseason scenario for the Golden State Warriors should the franchise go big-name hunting

After years of star power that's driven four championships in the last decade, absolute high-level talent is perhaps just what Golden State have missed this season. Curry continues to be an elite level guy, but Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are no longer All-Star players, Andrew Wiggins has regressed, and Jonathan Kuminga, despite a significant leap, isn't at the necessary point just yet for the Warriors to be true championship contenders.

The franchise will have a host of decisions to make in the offseason, but maybe their best bet would just be to take a massive swing. Who could that player be that's at least a slim chance of being obtainable? According to Bleacher Report's Zach Buckley, reuniting with two-time MVP Kevin Durant may be the best scenario.

"This would be a break-open-the-piggy-bank type of trade requiring the Warriors to give up essentially everything in their asset collection, either to the Suns themselves or a third team capable of sending win-now support to Devin Booker in the desert. "

Zach Buckley
Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Why would Durant leave Devin Booker, Bradley Beal and company for the tenth-seed Warriors? Well, the Phoenix Suns aren't in an overly strong position either, with a legitimate chance they'll have to go through the Play-In Tournament themselves to reach the postseason.

After a rather tame conclusion to the trade deadline in February, The Ringer's Howard Beck took a look ahead to the offseason where, according an Eastern Conference executive, Durant will look around if the Suns fail to move pass the first-round.

Durant remains one of the best players in the league, having averaged over 27 points per game this season on 53% shooting from the floor and 42.5% from three-point range. He and Curry would still form a fearsome duo, even if it's five years since the pair last took to an NBA floor together.

Sacrificing future assets for a 35-year-old Durant would be a major risk, but it would also send the strongest ever signal of the Warriors' aims of prioritizing Curry. Perhaps they haven't done that enough over the last two seasons, which has ultimately placed them in their current underwhelming position.