Franchise star should push for more than 'tweaks' to resuscitate Warriors' chances

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament
Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings - Play-In Tournament / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Following a year in which they failed to make the playoffs for just the third time in 12 seasons, the Golden State Warriors know that change is needed should they wish to return to their once great heights.

That change is inevitable, some of which could be out their control to a degree -- franchise legend Klay Thompson appears destined to become an unrestricted free agent despite remaining extension eligible.

Franchise superstar Stephen Curry should be pushing for more than "some tweaks" to the Golden State Warriors' roster this offseason

Yet outside of Thompson and Gary Payton II who holds a player option for next season, the Warriors have the remainder of their key players under contract for next season. Even in the case of Chris Paul and Kevon Looney -- both of whom have non-guaranteed deals -- the franchise retains control of their futures.

While that's a positive in most elements, it's also a negative given it hampers Golden State's ability to add meaningful pieces in free agency. That increases the possibility of a trade if the franchise really wants to make a shift from this season's roster.

Making an appearance on TNT after winning the NBA's Clutch Player of the Year award, Warrior superstar Stephen Curry conceded there'll be "some tweaks" made this offseason.

"Obviously, early in the year, we had a lot of missteps and some absences. But you do realize we’re not that far off, even to stay at this level, at this peak for so long, there’s going to be some tweaks, we know."

Stephen Curry

Curry's belief that Golden State aren't that far off is a debatable one -- sure they ended the season very strongly in going 27-12 in their final 39 games, yet the reality is they also finished 10th and were emphatically eliminated in a Play-In game against the Sacramento Kings.

If Curry holds aspirations of winning a fifth NBA championship, he should be pushing for the Warriors to do something substantial rather than some minor 'tweaks'. The league is supremely talented right now with a host of young stars, and subsequently possessing a roster with only one legitimate star -- of whom is already 36-years-old -- doesn't overly lend itself to producing a deep playoff run.

Curry has often been praised for his ability to let the front office do their job without forcing certain action in a way that other superstars have. However, if there's a moment where the two-time MVP should place some pressure on the franchise to make something significant happen, it's right now as the Warriors seek to rejuvenate their playoff and championship hopes.