Golden State Warriors: 3 trade destinations for Andrew Wiggins that make sense

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings
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1. Toronto Raptors

One deal that continues to be speculated is a trade with the Toronto Raptors, particularly if the Warriors hold interest in adding two-time All-Star Pascal Siakam.

A move home to Canada could rejuvenate Wiggins, allowing him to return to the kind of two-way production that proved so valuable two seasons ago and especially in Golden State's triumphant postseason.

After trading O.G. Anunoby to the New York Knicks in the last few days, Toronto does have a need for another high-level defender to partner with franchise cornerstone Scottie Barnes. R.J. Barrett is not that player, neither is Immanuel Quickley. Wiggins could be.

Offensively, Wiggins could take on a similar role that he's filled for the Warriors over the last few seasons -- primarily playing an off-ball game predicated on catch-and-shoot threes and slashing to the basket. Barnes, Barrett and Quickley would take on much of the offensive load, with Wiggins providing the foil while still holding the capacity to attack closeouts and create his own shot when required.

Raptors fans may suggest that Barrett and Wiggins overlap a little too much, not to mention the pair's inconsistent nature that can often cause frustrating. However, there should be optimism that a starting five of Quickley, Barrett, Wiggins, Barnes and Jakob Poeltl could work.

It's worth noting that Wiggins makes around $13 million less than Siakam, meaning Golden State would have to give up much more in the way of salary and young + future assets.