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James Wiseman, Golden State Warriors
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Power Forward: Ekpe Udoh, 2010

In between the wild rush of the "We Believe" Warriors and the rise of the Steph Curry era, the Warriors were mired in the dregs of the draft lottery. They took Curry with the seventh pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, then the next season found themselves with the sixth pick in 2010.

This was a draft that goes down as one of the weaker classes in modern history, so the odds were against the Warriors finding a star to pair with Curry, but there were players to find: stars such as Gordon Hayward and Paul George went in the back half of the Top 10, as did role players like Greg Monroe and Al-Farouq Aminu.

Instead, the Warriors took Baylor big man Ekpe Udoh. He entered the league as one of the oldest players drafted but didn't look like a developed product, hitting just 43.7 percent of his shots as a player who loved the midrange but wasn't loved in return. Defensively he was an athletic shot-blocker, but his offensive woes took him off the court despite the defensive impact.

Udoh lasted 1.5 seasons with the Warriors and just five in the NBA before heading overseas; he then made a return years later with the Utah Jazz for two years as a backup center before leaving the league for good.

Honorable Mentions: Ike Diogu went ninth in the 2005 NBA Draft and averaged just six points per game in an uneventful six-year career (David Lee, Andrew Bynum and Ersan Iylasova were among the bigs who went later); Tellis Frank went 14th in 1987 and lasted only five years, with future Warriors head coach Mark Jackson going four picks later.