5 Chris Paul trades the Warriors must explore to return to title contention

The Warriors need to trade Chris Paul for an upgrade if they want to contend.
Golden State Warriors, Chris Paul
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3. Dubs and Blazers pull off a shocker

Portland just finished year one of a rebuild, but has $165.5 million committed in salaries for next season. They are over the cap and only $9.9 million under the first tax apron, despite winning just 21 games. Do not be surprised to see the Blazers attempt to trim their future financial commitments, while adding draft capital.

Jerami Grant could firmly be on the trade block. He just finished year one of his $160 million contract. Grant is set to earn nearly $30 million next season, and Portland also owes Anfernee Simons more than $53.5 million over the next two years. Golden State may attempt to swoop in and upgrade their roster.

Blazers-Dubs swap

Grant is an elite scorer and shooter. He is an upgrade over Wiggins, but not the same defender. Still, Golden State could use the offensive boost. Simons is a walking bucket too. He could blossom in Golden State, and the Dubs would get a young talent to build their future core around.

This isn’t coming cheap, especially if they can convince the Blazers to take Wiggins’ contract. CP3’s expiring deal evens things out. Portland may clear more money by trading Malcolm Brogdon or Robert Williams III this summer.

This is a hefty price for Golden State to pay, but it gives them a young talent and a difference-making forward. Would the Warriors be true title contenders? It may take a brighter star.