5 Disturbing trends Golden State Warriors must fix

The Warriors have issues to fix if they want to get back in contention.
Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry / Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Turnovers

The Warriors are committing 15.5 turnovers per game, which ranks 24th in the NBA. They allow 18.3 points over those giveaways each night and are scoring just 17.2 points off the turnovers they create. They are virtually down by one point to start every game.

Being near the bottom in turnovers is nothing new. The Dubs finished 29th in 2022 and won the championship. They have been 19th or worse every year since 2016 and finished last in 2023. Chris Paul is limiting their turnovers slightly this year, but the Warriors are not creating points of their own in transition.

Golden State needs to generate more turnovers or commit less. They are 19th in turnovers created. They cannot be near the bottom in both categories. In 2022, the Dubs created the eight-most takeaways per game and were sixth in points off turnovers. Those transition threes have been a key part of the Warriors' attack during their dynasty, but they are non-existent this season.

The Golden State Warriors will turn the ball over. It is the nature of their offense, so the franchise must create takeaways and maintain a plus differential in points off turnovers. It is easier said than done, but a clear area where they can improve.