5 Warriors most likely to be traded before the deadline

The Warriors could trade these players before the Feb. 8 deadline.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson / John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins has been arguably the most disappointing player in the NBA this season. The 6’7 wing was an All-Star in 2022 and arguably the Warriors' second-best player on their title team. Through 38 games played, Wiggins has the third worst value over replacement player (VORP) in the NBA this season. He is seventh-worst in win shares per 48 minutes and in the bottom four in box score plus-minus.

His scoring, shot-making, and defense have all cratered. Wiggins is averaging career-lows in points, assists, steals, blocks, and field goal percentage. He played just 37 games last season but looked strong in the playoffs. There is no guarantee his play will improve, and the best thing for all involved may be a trade out of the Bay Area.

Wiggins is in season one of a four-year $109 million contract. The Mavericks, Hornets, and Cavaliers are rumored to be interested. Golden State would certainly be selling low, but getting his $24-plus million off the books would save a considerable amount and could allow the Dubs to dodge the second tax apron next season.

The Golden State Warriors will certainly explore the market for Andrew Wiggins, but finding a team to take on his contract won’t be easy. It will be even tougher if the Dubs expect to upgrade their roster in the move. Golden State’s quickest path to improvement is trading a monster expiring contract.