7 Most likely Warriors to be traded during 2024 offseason

These Warriors may no longer call Golden State home.
Golden State Warriors, Chris Paul
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4. Andrew Wiggins

The Warriors shopped Wiggins before the trade deadline and will again this offseason, but can they find a taker? He was arguably the Dubs’ second-best player during their 2022 championship run but is coming off a disappointing season that saw him produce a negative value over replacement player (VORP).

Teams do not know which Wiggins they are getting. The one who played 27.0 minutes per game this season and never looked right or the 2022 All-Star version. Wiggins only played in 37 contests in 2023 but found his footing for the playoffs. He did improve down the stretch this year, but it was not enough to make up for his awful start.

Wiggins is owed $54.5 million over the next two seasons and has a $30.1 million player option for the 2026-27 campaign. Having a below-replacement-level player making nearly $30 million per year is not ideal. Wiggins just turned 29 and should still have plenty of productive years left in the tank. He needs to get back on track, and the Warriors would be foolish to sell low without seeing if he can bounce back next season.

Golden State hopes to find some team willing to pay for Andrew Wiggins. The Mavericks and Bucks were rumored to be interested before the deadline. If some team steps up and believes Wiggins can be a difference-maker, they could acquire him on the cheap.