4 Warriors who need to play more, 3 that should get less run

The Warriors are struggling and need to alter their rotation to get back on track.
Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson
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Fewer minutes: Draymond Green

Nobody knows when Draymond will be back on the court. He was suspended five games earlier this season, and this absence is expected to be longer. The NBA and the Warriors are outlining a plan for Green that hopefully ends his unnecessary extras on the floor.

All of Green’s primary lineup combinations have a negative net rating thus far, including minus-6.3 in 369 minutes with Stephen Curry on the floor. Some will blame the other players for struggling, but Green has a negative net rating playing next to 11 different players on the team’s current roster.

Draymond is reluctant to shoot at this stage of his career, but he has made 18 of 42 3-point tries this season. His scoring is up, but the Warriors need more than ever with Thompson and Wiggins struggling. Green’s defense has also slipped to where he is becoming borderline unplayable with the talent around him and that makes zero mention of his increasingly dirty play.

The Golden State Warriors need to bring Draymond Green back slowly when his suspension ends. His playmaking and defense will be massive in the playoffs, but the Dubs have to get there first. He has outstanding chemistry with Curry but needs to get back on track to help Golden State win.